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Thursday, October 28th, 2004
3:31 pm - lost in a good way.
"i cannot see what flowers are at my feet,
nor what soft incense hangs upon the boughs,
but, in embalmèd darkness, guess each sweet
wherewith the seasonable month endows
the grass, the thicket, and the fruit-tree wild;
white hawthorne, and the pastoral eglantine;
fast fading violets cover'd up in leaves;
and mid-may's eldest child,
the coming musk-rose, full of dewy wine,
the murmurous haunt of flies on summer eves

current mood: drained

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Tuesday, October 12th, 2004
5:40 pm
I 'ave not updated 'ere for a long time.....busy times >.> But, oh la la, zis journal is really getting to me. I do not like zis layout, as you call it, and I want to change it. Mais je deteste le HTML! C'est nul! I 'ave to find out ze code for putting in a picture for ze background....and before that I 'ave to find an image 'ost and whatnot, how vairy fun.....

[Le sigh]

Anyways, I find zat living in London is not so bad....better than I expected, bien sur. My "flat" is rather pretty. Someone 'as sent a bouquet of fragrant tea roses and zey are superb. I also found a mignonne vintage shoppe and went crazy over a floaty, late thirties evening dress. Ah, what can I say, I love to shop....but working for ze Ministry is anuzzer matter. What a bore. More later, I 'ave to go.

current mood: busy

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Thursday, September 23rd, 2004
5:46 pm - Si je me rappelle juste de respirer....
I accidently cut myself and closed my eyes. Refusing to look at ze blood seeping out of my palm. I felt around for a towel, then ze sink, and I washed it and wrapped it up. My heart was racing madly.... Quite seemply, I dread ze sight of blood. It makes me go pale, and weak, and then I feel like crying. I remember then, how just two years ago.... it is why I was so scared for Gabrielle. If anything 'ad 'appened to her, anything

I often feel so vairy foolish to be scared of such a thing. No one I know of 'as zis 'orrible fear, comme moi.... I am feeling weak even now

I rested on ze sofa and did not move for a long time.

Only zis helps me, at times....Collapse )

current mood: morose

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Wednesday, September 15th, 2004
12:00 am - Pictures
When the half light makes for a clearer view
Sleep a little more if you want to
But restlessness has siezed me now, it's true
I could watch the dreams flicker in your eyes
Lying here asleep on a sunbeam
I wonder if you realize you fascinate me so
Think about a new destination
If you think you need inspiration
Roll out the map and mark it with a pin
I will follow every direction
Just lace up your shoes while I'm fetching a sleeping bag, a tent...
Another summer's passing by....

Merlin, kids are so cute. Zey are my favourtie subject to photograph .... so Gabrielle 'as become something of a favourite subject! Zis is one.....

Just one more, I promeese!

current mood: amused

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Wednesday, September 1st, 2004
10:19 am - Nothing could possibly be more wonderful
Ze other day Gabrielle and I walked to ze beach behind our chateaux, and il était simplement merveilleux. J'ai eu toujours aimé la plage. We 'ad brought along un pique-nique and we just talked and laughed about everything and nothing at all. Like always, ze sound of water, of ze birds flying lazily in air, and ze sunlight shining on Gabrielle's 'air as she played in ze water, it all filled me up with a wonderful feeling. I could have stayed there for ever .....

Gabrielle was singing a song ....

Michelle .... ma belle
These are words that go together well
My Michelle
Michelle .... ma belle
Sont les mots qui vont trés bien ensemble
Trés bien ensemble

I love you, I love you, I love you
That's all I want to say
Until I find away
I will say the only words I know that you understand

Michelle .... ma belle
Sont les mots qui vont trés bien ensemble, trés bien ensemble

...Collapse )

current mood: content

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